”A sharp, funny play that has you laughing in your seat…”

22 to 25 september 2016

A couple with a high social and cultural status are forced to downsize to a poor neighbourhood on the outskirts as a result of the economic crisis. They decide to mingle with their new neighbours in order to adapt to their new environment. What at first seems to be a declaration of good intentions ends up becoming a nightmare.

Classified as one of the most interesting social satires of recent theatre, all of the reviews have praised this play which, through comedy, tells the crude reality of the relations between people of different social and cultural status.

The version by Jordi Galcerán has brought the action to our own society. We can all see ourselves identified in it. The cast and the team with Daniel Veronese at the helm can confirm the success of this play on the London billboard in its day.

Premiere of the new production at the Arriaga Theatre

”A sharp, funny play that has you laughing in your seat…”  Financial Times

“Scathing comedy… with shrewd social comments”  The Guardian

The team

Author: Torben Betts

Translation: Jordi Galcerán

Production: Nicolás Belmonte and Carlos Larrañaga

Lighting: Jon Aníbal

Stage Design: Elisa Sanz

Wardrobe: Paco Casado

Sound: Isabel Montero

Cast: Maribel Verdú, Natalia Verbeke, Jorge Bosch and Jorge Calvo

Director: Daniel Veronese