Dramatised concert


Theater and music combine to recreate the paintings of the Italian painter before an audience immersed in a sensory experience.

08 may 2025
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Il Lamento di Caravaggio is a dramatized concert where theater and music come together. Artists use this perfect symbiosis to recreate the paintings of the great Italian painter before an audience immersed in a mystical and sensory experience. The characteristic chiaroscuro of this period is achieved through minimalist lighting on the actors, serving to reveal rather than to show. Just a halo of white light illuminates the imperfections of the human body, revealing its essence.

Countertenor Carlos Mena and the Tiento Nuovo orchestra interpret the vocal and instrumental music of Biber, Schmelzer, Johann Michael Bach, or Rosenmüller, known for its drama, expressive intensity, contrasts, and surprises typical of the stylus fantasticus. They enrich and contextualize the real-time creation of some of Caravaggio’s most famous paintings, giving them a meaning that goes beyond the visual.

The team

Contratenor: Carlos Mena.
Orchestra: Tiento Nuovo.
Musical direction and harpsichord: Ignacio Prego.
Violin: Emmanuel Resche-Caserta, Víctor Martínez.
Viola: José Manuel Navarro, Daniel Lorenzo.
Cello: María Martínez.
Violone: Ismael Campanero.
Positive organ: Alberto Martínez.
Theorbo: Ramiro Morales.
TEATRI 35 Company: Gaetano Coccia, Francesco Ottavio De Santis, Antonella Parrella.


08/05/2025 7:30 PM


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