Summer program



It looks this is going to be Tricycle’s last tour

From 13 september to 01 october 2017

HITS: It looks this is going to be Tricycle’s last tour

HIT: what is?

HITS: the name isn’t misleading, for it certainly does contain all the greatest hits of Tricicle, or almost all of them, because they have had to leave out certain sketches that someone is bound to miss, even though it will still be the longest show they have ever done: a hundred minutes filled with gags. Maybe not all their greatest ones are here but all the ones that are here are great.

HITS –an acronym for Humour that’s Intelligent, Tumultuous and Surprising– brings together twelve sketches, cut as little as possible, and a long summary, which closes the show, made up of very short gags that leave audiences gasping for breath. Almost all of them appear exactly as they were originally performed, since the passing of time – with the exception of technological aspects that Tricicle has ignored or varied – has not affected them whatsoever.


HITS will be a huge hit with existing fans of the Catalan trio, and will astonish their children’s children since, fortunately, each new generation has swollen their audiences to an even greater size.

The team

Written, directed and produced by Tricicle

Actors: Joan Gràcia, Paco Mir, Carles Sans




13. 08:00pm

14. 08:00pm

15. 08:00pm

16. 06:00 and 09:00pm

17. 06:00pm

20. 08:00pm

21. 08:00pm

22. 08:00pm

23. 06:00 and 09:00pm

24. 08:00pm

27. 08:00pm. CANCELLED

The TRICICLE performance on the 27th of September has been cancelled for logistical reasons. Teatro Arriaga will refund the cost of any tickets already sold.

28. 08:00pm

29. 08:00pm

30. 06:00 and 09:00pm



1. 08:00pm


from €9,50 to €36 /discounts

Discounts availables:

Friends of the Arriaga: 10% (for performances on Fridays, Saturdays at 9pm and Sundays)

Groups: 15% (ask at the box office for T&Cs)

Young people, over 65s, jobseekers, large families and people with a disability of over 33%: 10% (ask at the box office for T&Cs)

Disabled people in wheelchairs: 50%, in the stalls, plus one companion


100 minutes