Music: Frederic Mompou, Daniel Tarrida y Morten Jespersen.

A musical tale filled with symbolism and empathy to convey solidarity and respect for the environment.

22 to 24 october 2022
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Musical story in which the piano, puppets, and projections compose a scenic ensemble rich in symbolism and sensitivity, transmitting values of unity and environmental respect as important virtues.

Discover how a tiny seed can become a great tree. A work in which the visual and audio gain their own language of precise aesthetics and an intimate setting, narrated with the poetic elements that characterize the unmistakable stamp of La Maquiné. The production has received the Alcides Moreno Award 2019 for Best Message for Humanity, the Lorca Teatro Andaluz Award 2018 for Best Children’s Show, and recommendations from the National Network of Publicly Owned Theatres and Auditoriums and the Basque Network of Theatres.

Ages: from 4 years of age.

The team

Music: Frederic Mompou, Daniel Tarrida y Morten Jespersen.
Stage direction: Joaquín Casanova
Production: La Maquiné en colaboración con Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales, Junta de Andalucía.


Day 22 - 18:00h.
Day 23 - 12:00h and 18:00h.
Day 24 - 11:00h.


De 12 a 17€


55 min.