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Historia de un jabalí o Algo de Ricardo

by Gabriel Calderón

A play that revolves around the machinations of contemporary power and proposes a reflection on the limits of human ambition.

25 may 2022

An actor faces the challenge of playing Richard III, the ruthless monarch of William Shakespeare’s tragedy. Having played supporting roles all his life, he believes he deserves this opportunity. However, he believes the rest of the cast is not up to his standard and is displeased by anything the director proposes. During the construction of the character, the affinities between the actor and the English monarch begin to unfold. Both are ambitious and intelligent. Like Richard III, John is not satisfied with little, he craves power and is unwilling to waste his time with bland, hypersensitive, mediocre actors. As their life stories entwine, the relationship between actor, character and spectator becomes ever closer.

Historia de un jabalí o Algo de Ricardo revolves around the contemporary machinations of power, desire and resentment, and proposes a reflection on the limits of human ambition.

The team

Script and direction: Gabriel Calderón
Translation: Joan Sellent
Actor: Joan Carreras
Scenography: Laura Clos
Soundscape: Ramón Ciércoles
Costume design: Sergi Corbera
Lighting: Ganecha Gil
Executive producer: Luz Ferrero
Production manager: Josep Domenech
Production manager: Clàudia Flores
Distribution and communication: Bitò
Production: Temporada Alta 2020 and Grec 2020. Festival of Barcelona


25 - 19:30h.


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70 min.