Hiru emakume

Three voices bring this exciting feminist poem to life

15 march 2018

Hiru emakume (Tres mujeres) is an exciting poem recited by three voices that examines the subject of maternity. Each voice represents a different way of experiencing it: the woman who focuses her fulfilment on being a mother, the woman who suffers when she is unable to become a mother, and the women who becomes a mother to her dismay.

The American writer and poet Sylvia Plath created this feminist poem to be read out loud. She read it out in 1962 on the BBC, one year before she died. Now, under the direction of Mireia Gabilondo, three actresses have picked up the baton and are bringing her words to life in this new production by the Arriaga Theatre.

It will be performed in two versions: Basque (15 March) and Spanish (16-18 March).

A new production by the Arriaga Theatre.

Arriaga Theatre Premiere.




Donostia Kultura

The LORALDIA festival is involved with this show including it in its programming.

Hiru emakume (Three Woman) is a very moving poem recited by three voices, accompanied by the sounds of the double bass and voice, which examines the subject of maternity.


The team

Tres mujeres (Three Women) by Sylvia Plath

Director: Mireia Gabilondo

Cast: Ainhoa Etxebarria, Ane Pikaza and Ylenia Baglietto

Singer: María Berasarte

Double bass music: Ane López

Basque translation: Harkaitz Cano

Stage design: Fernando Bernués                                                    

Lighting: Xabier Lozano                                                              

Audiovisuals: David Bernués

Wardrobe: Ana Turrillas

Assistant director: Vito Rogado

Musical adviser:  Iñaki Salvador

An Arriaga Theatre Production


In Basque



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