Gontzal Mendibil: BIOK

The Basque singer-songwriter presents his latest record, brimming with poetic sensitivity

03 november 2019

BIOK is the latest proposal by Gontzal Mendibil, who is seeking to make a direct and participatory connection with his audiences, with each of us, in a one-on-one encounter (BIOK). The Basque singer-songwriter takes an intimate and emotional approach as he appeals to personal and collective feelings. Pure musical poetics, singing to love and to life.

Gontzal Mendibil is coming to the Arriaga Theatre to present the thirteen songs that make up his new record, an album brimming with poetic sensitivity. On stage, he will be accompanied by three great musicians in a concert that is bound to delight his fans.

The team

New Album release - 45 years in music

Vocals and Guitar: Gontzal Mendibil                

Electric guitar, bouzuki: Angel Unzu.            

Accordion, bandoneon: Philipe Ezkurra        

Saxo, Clarinet: Joe Gonzalez                        

Sound technician: Iñigo Eskoriaza

Vocals: Ana Sagastizabal, Lara Sagastizabal

Acoustic guitar, mandolina: Alberto Rodriguez

Double Bass, Violin: Ledian Mola

Piano: Jose Luis Canal

Lighting: Xabi Lozano



7:00 pm.


de 12 a 25 euros /con descuentos

Friends of the Arriaga: 20% discount.
Wheelchair users: 50% discount (seated in the proscenium box with a companion)