EUSKO EDERTI: Denboraren harian dantzan. 70+1. Urteurrena

71 years, 8 generations and more than 150 dantzaris or Basque national dancers show the ins and outs of their being.

27 november 2022

In 1951, the group “TALDE GAZTE” was formed in Bilbao’s Santutxu neighbourhood, which later became known as “GAZTEDI DANTZARI TALDEA.” Gaztedi has excelled in its mission of collecting, transmitting, disseminating, and investigating our people’s folklore, becoming an unavoidable point of reference in its history, both in Bilbao and throughout the surrounding area. Throughout this long journey, the group has performed its functions in a variety of ways, including teaching what it has learned to new generations, providing performances and dance displays, and participating in larger initiatives… all based on self-management. Gaztedi’s work is comprised of courses offered to both children and young people, as they are the ones who will make up the Gaztedi of the future and ensure its continuity.

Since this year is its 71st anniversary, Gaztedi is offering an extensive program brimming with celebrations. Gaztedi Dantzari Taldea will open its doors and let you to explore its interior during this show.

The team

Performance management: Jurgi Arrieta, Usue Miyar.
Music: Aitor Santamaría.
Production: Gaztedi Dantzari Taldea.
Technical direction: Jon Mesperuza, Josean Cabarcos.


Day 27 - 19:00h.