by Thomas Vinterberg

A play that shakes the very definition of family to remind us that they also hide their own monsters.

02 to 05 november 2023

Spanish premiere

In 1998, Thomas Vinterberg revolutionised cinema with Festen (Celebration). The audience was stunned by this new movement called Dogma 95 and, above all by this worrying, savage and brutal family history plagued with hypocrisy, incest and sexual abuse. This play is an adaptation of the film, a dreadful tale on the imposing hypocrisy of social relations among the upper classes and in families; it delivers a hammer blow to our conscience.

After many years, Jon returns to his parents’ home to celebrate his father’s 60th birthday with his siblings and extended family. The party atmosphere is shattered when Jon publicly accuses his father of committing incest with him and his defunct twin sister when they were just children. There is general disbelief as his words run like an electric shock through the body of his family and violence hangs heavy in the air. The family will then attempt to close this gushing wound with this intense, stark text that invites us to analyse the latent cruelty in this, our snobbish patriarchal society.

The team

Authors: Thomas Vinterberg, Mogens Rukov, Bo hr. Hansen, David Eldridge.
Adaptation: Lucía Astigarraga and María Goiricelaya.
Director: María Goiricelaya.
Basque version: Kepa Errasti.
Basque cast: Egoitz Sánchez, Mikel Martinez, Lander Otaola, Ane Pikaza, Ione Irazábal, Nagore González, Olatz Ganboa, Aitor Borobia, Kepa Errasti, Loli Astoreka.
Spanish cast: Aitor Borobia, Alfonso Torregrosa, Lander Otaola, Sandra Ferrús, Ione Irazabal, Ane Pikaza, Olatz Ganboa, Egoitz Sánchez, Mikel Martinez, Loli Astoreka
Girl: Aiala Mariño Jauregui.
Assistant director: Eider Zaballa.
Set design: José Luis Raymond.
Set design assistant: Leire Mendizabal.
Scenography construction: Atx designs and creations.
Lighting: David Alcorta.
Costumes: Azegiñe Urigoitia.
Music: Ibon Belandia.
Sound: Ibon Agirre.
Movement: Alberto Ferrero.
Production assistant: Xabino Alkorta.
Visuals: GHEADA.
Characterisation: Ana Vega, Patricia Aydillo, Araitz Pildain.

New Arriaga Theatre Production.
Collaboration: Teatro Español, de Madrid.


Days 2 and 3 – 19:30 h.
Days 4 and 5 – 19:00 h.


15 - 21€ /discunts

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Groups, young people, over-65s, unemployed, large families and people with 33%+ disability:

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75 min.