The musical quality of the lyrical songs included in the Azkue, P. Donostia Collection of Songs, etc. is a clear demonstration of the ability and ease of the Basques to compose melodies.

Euskal Kantu Liriko Berriak is a project that aims to create and spread new lyrical songs, along with the traditional ones, brought together in the diverse collections of songs.

This programme includes songs by contemporary authors, such as J. Ezkurra, H. Extremiana, C. Imaz, among others, as well as popular and such well known authors as Iparragirre, Beobide, etc.

The variety of styles and themes ensures that the creative capacity of the Basques for melodies is kept alive and it is worth promoting it and raising awareness beyond our cultural borders.

Popular songs by well known and contemporary authors form part of the programme sung by Marta Ubieta and Alberto Núñez.

Lyrical Room

Euskal Kantu Liriko Berriak

The team

Soprano: Marta Ubieta

Tenor: Alberto Núñez

Piano: Mikel N'Dong

Narrator: Sabino L. de Guereño


12 December. 08:00pm


€12. Special price: €8 / discounts