Concierto – Espacio Escenario


ESPACIOS LIMINALES Experimental musical theatre based on Poet in New York, by Garcia Lorca.

A homage to the figure of Lorca using all our senses, a reflection on the dilemma of perception and the exaltation of subjectivity.

04 june 2024
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Experimental musical theatre in 3 scenes and an epilogue on Poet in New York by Garcia Lorca. Immersive sensory experience. Espacios liminales (Liminal Spaces) for a mixed ensemble, three actors and two narrators speaking off-stage, is an experimental musical theatre project with the common thread of verses from Poet in New York by Lorca, commemorating the 125th anniversary of his birth. In this multidisciplinary show, music, theatre, staging, performance, literature, lighting and electronics combine to generate a contradictory atmosphere. Through the different sections, the audience can experience all types of emotions: confusion, fear, nostalgia, euphoria… on a true voyage of the senses.

Like Virgil in Dante’s Divine Comedy, Federico Garcia Lorca offers his readers a symbolic voyage from an inner hell to salvation by creating wild images in one of his most superb works: Poet in New York. Espacios liminales delves into this question by praising this ‘journey’, turning music into words and words into a metamorphic sound journey full of contradictory sensory experiences, taking the audience to a liminal plane where the significant and the signifier blur together. A homage to the figure of Granada’s famous poet using all your senses, reflecting on the dilemma of perception and exaltation of subjectivity.

The team

Adaptation, dramatist, director, music, staging, lighting design: Iñaki Marcos Bueno.
Cast: Paula Álvarez-Ossorio Sánchez, Cristina Ledo Iglesias, David Martín.

Ensemble Opus 22
Violin: Ana Carmen Sánchez Bruno.
Clarinet and piano: Iñaki Marcos Bueno.
Saxophone: Alejandro Fenollosa Beltrán.
Piano and mixed percussion: Javier Peña Tamayo.


Day 4 – 19:30 h.


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