In this adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale into a comic opera, singers, actors, and dancers tell us the story of an emperor whose only interest, above the needs of his kingdom, was to dress in expensive clothes. His ego and vanity make him his own perfect victim.

Bravery, sincerity, or courage will be essential elements to successfully resolve this thrilling and persuasive story that reminds us of the importance of cultivating our inner beauty.

Opera in Spanish with surtitles in Basque and Spanish.

Ages: 5 and up

Show resulting from the collaboration agreement between ABAO-OLBE and TEATRO ARRIAGA.

The team

Music: Iñigo Casalí.
Stage direction: Ion Barbarin.
Production: Ópera de Cámara de Navarra.


15/03/2025 6:00 PM
16/03/2025 12:00 h. PM 6:00 h. PM
17/03/2025 11:00 AM




75 min.