El padre

A tragic but funny farce with Héctor Alterio in the leading role

06 to 10 june 2017

The author, Florian Zeller, classifies this play as a tragic farce. And this is where its grandeur and difficulty lies, as it deals with such a thorny issue as the loss of reality through old age. We enter into the perspective of a confused mind or, perhaps, confused by the interests of those around him, we will never know.

Without ever ridiculing the character, Andrés (Héctor Alterio) makes us laugh. The ambiguous situations that are often contradictory, scathing retorts, duplicated and changing characters, and above all, the question whether what is really happening is what the family says or what the father feels, produce a funny play, often close to drama, but many other times close to comedy and is almost always reminiscent of a disturbing “thriller” like those of Hitchcock. When we believe we are sure of something, there is an unexpected twist that confuses us and traps us once more.

The team

Director: José Carlos Plaza
Playwright: Florian Zeller
Adaptation: José Carlos Plaza
Music: Mariano Díaz
Stage Design: Francisco Leal
Lighting: Toño Camacho
Costume Design: Juan Sebastián Domínguez

Cast: Héctor Alterio, Ana Labordeta, Luis Rallo, Miguel Hermoso, Zaira Montes, María González


Day 6. 08:00 pm

Day 7. 08:00 pm

Day 8. 08:00 pm

Day 9. 08:00 pm

Day 10. 08:00 pm


from €8,50 to €25 /discounts

Applicable discounts:

Friends of the Arriaga: up to 25%.

Groups, large families, under 30’s and over 65’s, people with a disability in excess of 33% and the unemployed: 20%.

Theatre professionals: 20%

Disabled people in a wheelchair: 50% (stalls in front of the stage and one companion)


1 hour 30 minutes