El intérprete XXL

El intérprete is back with Asier Etxeandia in a new XXL format

07 to 09 october 2016

“When I was little, I stood against the wall in a corner of my bedroom… I heard my voice with the echo of the wall, an echo that makes a microphone appear, and I felt like a real singer”.

El Intérprete XXL, a musical journey led by Asier Etxeandia & The Constriktors, returns to the Arriaga stage with an extended format. Eight musicians accompany the performer on the stage to offer a show with and for the public from disinhibition, nonchalance and   excess. An evening at the service of the spectator where everything is possible: dancing, laughing, crying, even dreaming…

El intérprete XXL, a concert yet to be discovered, another opportunity to enjoy a show that is loyal to its origins, classic versions and renewed original songs, which guides a unique emotional journey each evening that has already got over a thousand spectators dancing in more than three years on the billboard.

Enjoy the show, invisible friends!

The team

Asier Etxeandia & The Constriktors