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by Patxo Telleria

A humorous theatrical play about ethics, coherence, betrayal, and revenge.

18 to 20 october 2024

After its premiere in Basque last year, now comes the premiere in Spanish of this political thriller for two actors, set in a single space and in real time. The PROFESSOR (70 years old) is a retired professor of Ethics and Political Philosophy, a leftist, controversial, agitator, and highly prestigious. An Iberian Noam Chomsky. He has terminal cancer, but there is a chance of a cure. He can receive treatment with one of the radiotherapy devices that a well-known billionaire has donated to the public health system. This donation has been praised by the majority. For a few, however, it is nothing but an image makeover, a trick of a swindler who does not pay the taxes he should rightfully pay.

One of the voices that has stood out in denouncing this dubious act of charity has been that of the Professor. Now, he must decide whether to stick to his principles and sacrifice himself, or set aside his convictions. Today, he has made a decision and he is going to make it public. While he is preparing his speech, a stranger, a former STUDENT (60 years old) with whom he has unresolved issues, bursts into his office.

The team

Author: Patxo Telleria.
Director: Mireia Gabilondo.
Set Design: Fernando Bernués.
Cast: Patxo Telleria, Ramón Barea.
Costume Design: Ana Turrillas.
Sound Design: Adrián García de los Ojos.
Set Construction: Raul Arraiza.
Lighting Design: David Rodríguez.
Sound: Borja Arbaiza.
Executive Production: Pio Ortiz de Pinedo, Myriam Garzia.
Collaboration: Teatro Arriaga.


18/10/2024 7:30 PM
19/10/2024 7:00 PM
20/10/2024 7:00 PM


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