Essences of Manuel de Falla’s music
Enrike Solinis & Euskal Barrokensemble / Teresa Hernández

A Baroque ensemble’s stunning musical approach to Falla.

16 may 2024

Manuel de Falla composed El Amor Brujo (Enchanted Love) inspired by the legends and the old gypsy tunes that Pastora Imperio collected with her mother, incomparably recreating the essence of Andalusian music through its different suits: seguiriyas, soleares, polos, martinetes or zambras… incorporating their spirit in her composing language. It might be surprising, in theory, to find a Baroque ensemble playing Manuel de Falla although, if we think about Falla’s own fine aesthetics, nothing should really surprise us.

Sharing Falla’s admiration for Andalusian singing, or the then-emerging Flamenco singing, doubtlessly endorses the idea that there is a flamenco singer in the version we are showing here. In an ensemble like Euskal Barrokensemble, the flamenco singer also whispers or cracks her voice to incomparably recreate the author’s original idea. Listening to the sound of lyre, the lavta or the Persian percussion, we believe that nothing is discordant with what Falla wanted to reflect in several moments of his score, quite the opposite, there is a message of exoticism clearly alluded to by the author in his original work.

The team

Euskal Barrokensemble.
Director: Enrike Solinís.
Flamenco singer: Teresa Hernández.


Day 16 – 19:30 h.


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70 min.