Teatro – Ópera


by Albert Boadella

Maria Callas and tragic life of an artist in her delirous decadence

23 october 2021

Diva marks the return to operatic drama of the director Albert Boadella who this time delves into the myth of Maria Callas to construct the tragic life of this great diva when abandoned by Onassis and her voice no longer responds to the expectations of her fame.

In these final years that she presents Diva, the artist is plunged into decadence. Onassis is dead and the critics are against her. She lives in a world of memories, disdaining the present while forcing her rehearsal pianist to accompany her in an imaginary repertoire that she will never be able to perform again. She also uses him to create a sadomasochistic situation. She forces him to play Onassis, her great love and her most passionate and stellar moments. In her delirium, she imagines the Greek as her stage partner in the great operatic dramas she starred in. Someone who kills her or with whom to die, at the end of the opera. It is the beginning of the road to her own mysterious end, which promptly she enacts, as she would have desired.

The team

Author and stage director: Albert Boadella.
Musical director: Manuel Coves.
Soprano: María Rey-Joly (Maria Callas).
Tenor and pianist: Antonio Comas (Onassis).
Artistic consultant: Dolors Caminal.
Lighting: Bernat Jansa.
  Sound design: Pedro Lastra.
Assistand director: Martina Cabanas.
Choreography: Silvia Brossa.
Arias and duets from Norma, Manon Lescaut, Tosca, Otello, La Wally, Madama Butterfly, etc. Recording made by the Royal Philarmonic of Galicia.


23 - 19:00.


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90 min.