A family broken apart by the disappearance of their son over ten years ago must face up to their own darkness in light of his sudden return. An unexpected re-encounter that forces them to defend themselves, to the very last consequences. They will discover that a lie requires a great deal of commitment. A family, unable to cope with the pain of what happened to them, what they did, and what they were unable to do, decides to escape from reality by deceiving and lying to themselves. How committed are they to escaping from the painful truth?

This play reflects on the lies created within the heart of families as a way of life, and how a tangled web of deceit and falseness is constructed, as well as the essential commitment required to sustain it.

The team

Written and directed by: Lautaro Perotti

Cast: Carmen Machi, Pilar Castro, Santi Marín…

Stage design: Mónica Borromello

Lighting: Carmen Martínez

Wardrobe: Ana López

Assistant director: José Luis Huertas

Head of production: Nadia Corral

Production director: Josep Domènech