“Gorpuztu” is a contemporary dance show with live music and deals with the search for balance. It is a fight to be calm, to silence the noise, to lighten the load and the guilt, to find a place where an animal sleeps quietly.

It arises from research by the creator from Bilbao, Eva Guerrero, on the use of the body in certain moments in different religions or philosophies. Gorpuztu emerges as a result of dividing the body into several parts, observing movement actions at prayer time and including concepts, such as guilt, penitence, transcendence, love, submission… present in different religions.

The team

Eva Guerrero Company

Creation: Eva Guerrero

Performer: Garazi Lopez de Armentia

Choreography: Creación colectiva

Musical composition and performance: Ainara LeGardon, Cristina Samaniego, Nerea Alberdi and Carla Sevilla

Chinese internal styles: Aritz Aresti

Motion assistance: Judit Ruiz Onandi

Costume Design: Azegiñe Urigoitia

Stage Design: ATX Teatroa and DOOS Colectivo

Lighting Design: Arantza Heredia

Production: Jemima Cano

Graphic desing: Higi Vandis

Photography: Andrea OO

Project subsidised by the Basque Government’s Department for Culture and backed by Garaion Sorgingunea, La nave del Duende and Espacio Punto de Fuga


19:30 h.


18 € /discounts

Friends of the Arriaga: 25% Discount
Groups, young people, over 65s, the unemployed, large families and people with disabilities in excess of 33%: 20% Discount
Dance Professionals: 20% Discount
Last minute discount (for the previous groups, except Friends of the Arriaga): 50%
Last minute discount for Young Friend of the Arriaga: 70%
Disabled persons in a wheelchair: 50% Discount (in the proscenium box and with a companion)


55 minutes