La Verità is an acrobatic theatre show, written and directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca, in which eleven artists come together before the backdrop which Salvador Dalí painted in 1940 for the production of Tristan and Isolde in New York.

The backdrop serves as a thread for Finzi Pasca in order to weave stories about immigrants in the New York of the 1940s, that of Tristan and Isolde themselves and that of a director seeking to raise the spirits of his troupe. La Verità pushes the physical skill of the company to the limit, in a display of surprising images, shadows which play fancifully, red blood, white; ladders suspended in the air, impossible balances, contortions; feathers and sequins… stories which come to life in a decadent Vaudeville in which the language of acrobatics stimulates our subconscious, making us see interior landscapes which appear to be more realistic than the actual ones.


The team

Author, director, choreographer and lighting co-designer: Daniele Finzi Pasca

Creative director, producer and text writing collaborator: Julie Hamelin Finzi

Music, sound design and choreography co-designer: Maria Bonzanigo

Stage design and attrezzo: Hugo Gargiulo

Executive producer and artistic consultant: Antonio Vergamini

Costume design: Giovanna Buzzi

Lighting co-designer: Alexis Bowles

Video design: Roberto Vitalini

Assistant director and stage manager: Geneviève Dupéré

Makeup and hairdressing: Chiqui Barbé

Production director: Marc Laliberté

Artistic consultant: Fabrizio Arigoni

Researcher: Facundo Ponce de León

Creator of choreographic sculptures: Toni Vighetto

Creator of the square: Mariève Hémond

Choreography of the square: Annie-Kim Déry

Creator of the Cyr wheel: Daniel Cyr




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