Benito Lertxundi is returning to the Arriaga Theatre. Nicknamed the The Bard of Orio (Orioko Bardoa), he is one of the most important creators of Basque music. The beauty of his songs, which are always sincere and passionate, and the depth of his interpretative feeling have been constant throughout his career, leading them to be recreated and admired much further than the author’s own environment, giving them universal popularity and making Benito Lertxundi an essential reference in the contemporary history of Basque music and culture.

The team

Main vocals, guitar: Benito Lertxundi
Pianos and synthesizers: Juantxo Zeberio
Bass: Amaiur Cajaraville
Violoncello and accordion: Pello Ramírez
Violin: Kutxo Ochoa de Eribe
Drums: David Gorospe
Electric Guitar: Gurutz Bikuña
Harp, vocals, synthesizers: David Gorospe
Acoustic guitar, bouzouki: Ángel Unzu
Chorus: Intza Unanue


November 20. 07.00pm


from €12 to €28 / discounts