Benito Lertxundi’s songs are woven with the thread of freedom. He has dedicated a lifetime to singing with Freedom as his guide. He blazed a trail in the dark days, and his desire for creating and singing remains unquenched more than half a century later. The bard from Orio, like a shoot on a tree, is continuously regenerating the seed.

A self-taught singer-songwriter with a voracious spirit, far-removed from fads, standards, and orthodoxy. After seventeen albums (some of which were double LPs), he is still writing new songs. Anthems from the Basque-speaking world will coexist with brand new songs in this concert.

He will sing these songs live with a new set of friends; songs that speak to us about the need to relearn or about the liberating onslaught of oppressed peoples. They frequently use the poetic imagery of Argentine Jorge Bucay and Fernando Pessoa. Or his most recent, in which he composed music for texts by bertsolari Jon Maia and writer Paco Aristi.

The team

Voice and guitar: Benito Lertxundi.
Piano and synthesizers: Juantxo Zeberio.
Drums: David Gorospe.
Bass and double bass: Amaiur Cajaraville.
Guitar: Gurutz Bikuña.
Guitar, bouzuki and percussion: Angel Unzu.
Rebec and nyckelharpa: Xabier Zeberio.
Cello and accordion: Pello Ramirez.
Voice: Intza Unanue.
Voice, harp and keyboard: Olatz Zugasti.


Day 18 - 19:00h.


From 13 to 25€ /discounts

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Groups, young people, over-65s, unemployed, large families and people with 33%+ disability:

People with disabilities who use wheelchairs:
50% DISCOUNT (in proscenium balcony and one accompanying person)