Barro rojo

Smiles and tears, rage and reconciliation… the story of a homosexual in prison

26 february 2019

A homosexual in a concentration camp in Europe or in jail in Francoist Spain. His story told like a journey by his nephew, the drag queen Amelia. Life stories that make a larger fictional narrative in a show that is the result of research work.

Barro rojo, Max Award nominee for Best New Author and winner for Best Show at Indifest 2016, is the journey of two characters amidst smiles and tears, rage and reconciliation, joys and fears, love and cruelty. From drama to the cabaret, a sweet, delicate trip with a high dose of sensitivity.

The team

by Javier Liñera

Directed by: Daniela Molina/Linda Wise

Performer: Javier Liñera

Lighting design and technician: Patxi Pascual

Sound technician: Aitor Pérez

Set design: Oskar García/José Manuel Placeres

Music: Ismael Merino/Pierre-François Blanchard

Hairstylist assistant: Beatriz López

Image design: Laurent Leger Adame




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