Show based on the Passione in due, in which the Marseille National Ballet, led by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten, revisits “St. Mathew’s Passion” by Johann Sebastian Bach. The work is freely and tastefully adapted by the musician and composer, Franck Krawczyk, who succeeds in transmitting suffering, sensuality and sacrifice through the intensity of the piano and the melancholia of the accordion. The bodies dance in synchronisation and with determination, engaging with the sounds.

Greco and Scholten, whose creations have won numerous awards and public acclaim from all over the world, remain loyal to their aesthetic and scenic universe, which drinks off classic language and postmodern dance. In this piece, the Marseille National Ballet brilliantly explores the relationship between dance and music.

The team

Concept: Emio Greco, Pieter C. Scholten and Franck Krawczyk

Artistic Director and Choreographer: Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten

Lighting: Henk Danner

Wardrobe: Clifford Portier

Music: St. Mathew's Passion by Johann Sebastian Bach, in a free adaptation by Franck Krawczyk

Piano and Accordion: Franck Krawczyk

Production: Marseille National Ballet with the collaboration of ICKamsterdam.

Piece for 7 dancers with live piano and accordion


20 January : 08:00pm

21 January : 08:00pm


from €10,50 to €36 /discounts

Applicable discounts:

Friends of the Arriaga: from 25% to 35%.

Groups, large families, under 30’s and over 65’s, people with a disability in excess of 33% and the unemployed: 25%.

Dance professionals: 25%

Last Minute Discount: 50% (for the aforementioned groups, except Friends of the Arriaga)

Disabled people in a wheelchair: 50% (stalls in front of the stage and one companion)


1 hour