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by Chema Trujillo

A profound degradation of the original story... that ends up resembling a farce.

07 january 2025
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“ANTIGUONA” portrays the inevitable yet profound degradation of the original story. We are fascinated by the public spectacle presented by some contemporary women who reject feminism, equal opportunities, and basic justice. The Antigone in this play is a woman entrenched in old, supposedly noble and sacred ideas, even if they go against her own interests. It’s all very tragic. So tragic that it twists, ending up looking like a farce.

Here lies the immortal work of Sophocles, written on a slab of marble and exposed to the elements, showing its characters already faded after two thousand five hundred years enduring the ravages of erosion, gales, and the dry Greek sun. A party that reeks of fascism manages to succeed at the polls, hiding its array of outdated individuals behind the name of the friendly figurehead leading the lists: Creon.

The team

Text and direction: Chema Trujillo.
Cast: Leire Olaran, Soledad Carril, Alfonso Díez, Sara Barroeta, Eneritz García.
Lighting design: Arantza Heredia.
Costume design: Soledad Carril.

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