María Goiricelaya

In just under 24 hours a village turns into a television studio and an incident becomes a national issue.

28 to 30 october 2021

Premiere at the Arriaga Theater.

In the early hours of 15 October 2016, an altercation took place outside Koxka bar in Altsasu (Navarre) involving several inhabitants of the town, two Guardia Civil officers and their partners. As a result, two people were arrested and a lieutenant broke his ankle. In less than 24 hours Altsasu becomes a television studio and in just 36 hours the case is an affair of State. The complainants refuse to testify before the Policía Foral (police force of the Autonomous Region), but they do testify before their colleagues of the Guardia Civil.

The turn of events comes when COVITE, the Victims of Terrorism in the Basque Country, denounce the facts before the National Court. This organisation introduced the accusation of terrorism, and police operations against nine young people were initiated. Seven of the youths were immediately imprisoned. At the oral hearing commencing on 16 April 2018, the prosecution requested between 62 and 12 years in prison for eight young people. The trial is followed with expectation throughout Spain because of its implications for the curtailment of freedoms and the abuse of the term “terrorist” presented by the Prosecution.

The team

Direction and dramaturgy: María Goiricelaya.
Basque version: Kepa Errasti.
Assistant director: Eider Zaballa.
Cast: Nagore González, Egoitz Sánchez, Aitor Borobia, Ane Pikaza.
Choreography: Alberto Ferrero.
Scenography: Eider Ibarrondo, Isabel Acosta.
Costume design: Betitxe Saitua.
Lighting design: David Alkorta.
Music: Adrián García de los Ojos.
Soundscape: Ibon Aguirre.
Production: La Dramática Errante.
Assistant producer: Beatriz Rodríguez (Dantzerti).
Distribution: Portal 71.
In collaboration with Nuevo Teatro Fronterizo and Fundacion Otxoa de Barandika.


28 - 19:30. Estreno en euskera.
29 - 19:30. Estreno en castellano.
30 - 19:00. Estreno en castellano.


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90 min.