“On my first day

In my new job

They put a set of keys around my neck

And left me alone

I have six women locked in

With their sons and daughters

It is not a prison

I only make sure that their lovers

Don’t love them too much”. (Publisher’s note on the book of poems by Mada Alderete, social educator, journalist and sexologist)

An exceptional stage creation in which three actresses get into the skin of social workers, stripping in “snapshots of life” in the everyday life of two shelters – an Emergency House and a  Shelter – for women who were victims of violence where Mada Alderete, the author of this ruthless poetry book, worked for seven years as an educator.

The live soundtrack by a creator and performer that is as suggestive and non-conformist as Ainara LeGardon, and the precise – and beautiful – images of Maialen Sarasua end up in a show that amazes us in order to understand it better and act it out, a sad reality in which the names used are the only lie.

The play will be presented in two versions: Basque and Spanish.

Debut at Arriaga Theatre


The team

La casa de la llave, Mada Alderete's book


Director and Stage Design: Fernando Bernués

Cast: Ainhoa Aierbe, Mireia Gabilondo and Vito Rogado

Musical composition-live music: Ainara LeGardon

Wardrobe: Ana Turrillas

Lighting: Xabier Lozano



Performance in Basque

October 31. 11:00 am (groups) and 08:00 pm (Buy tickets)



Performance in Spanish

November 1. 08:00 pm (buy tickets)