What does it take to be a man?

Molina and Valentín share a cell in prison. Molina, a woman trapped in a man’s body, is locked up for corrupting a minor. Valentín a political activist, who wants to change the world, suffers torture during numerous interrogations. To escape from reality, Molina evokes old films, through which, in a process of identification with their protagonists and supporting characters, he reflects on his own live and political and sexual identity. An internal battle with numerous open wounds and a panther that won’t stop roaring.

A forbidden story that highlights the human desire to love. During their confinement, Valentín and Molina are companions on an existential journey, a journey of liberation. A quasi-thriller that smacks of a bittersweet, unrequited love, in true Bolero style. Outside their solitude, death and torture reign, and they fantasise about a world that is still waiting for a revolution. Physical liberation leads to political liberation.

“When it gets dark you always need someone”.
J. M. Mora

The team

Directed by: Carlota Ferrer
Cast: Eusebio Poncela, Igor Yebra
Version: Diego Sabanés
Set design: Eduardo Moreno
Lighting design: David Picazo
Costume Design: Carlota Ferrer
Graphic design: María La Cartelera
Producer: Jesús Cimarro

A production by Pentación Espectáculos


Day 6 - 19:00h.

Day 7 - 19:00h.

Day 8 - 19:00h.


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