by Arthur Miller

Ambition, dreams, frustrations, capitalism...Arthur Miller’s immortal work with a cast led by Imanol Arias on stage.

25 to 29 august 2021
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Premier in Arriaga Theatre.

Ruben Szuchmacher, one of the great masters in the international scene, directs this new production of Death of a Salesman, one of Arthur Miller’s key plays, and a cast led by none other than Imanol Arias.

Willy Loman is a travelling salesman who has steadfastly devoted himself and his professional career to the company he works for. His only aim is to offer a better life to his family, his wife and his two sons who adore him and in whom he tries to instil the ambition to succeed and move up the social ladder. Once an indefatigable worker, he is now sixty-three, exhausted and worn out after a life without rest, and sees his position in the company beginning to falter. Sales are not what they used to be and his performance is plummeting, making relations with his bosses untenable. His marriage is not going well either, and the relationship with his children conceals an old secret that fills them with resentment and threatens to destroy the family’s stability. Drawn into a spiral of depression and self-destruction, his only support is his devoted wife.

She is the only one who seems to understand him. As events become more and more complicated and his dreams fade away, everything hurtles towards the tragic end to which the defeated salesman seems inexorably doomed. The cruelty of savage capitalism in which human beings are only worth what they are capable of producing, the frustration of unfulfilled dreams, the inability of parents and children to express their love for each other, the complex relationships between couples, and the need to succeed and be accepted by others, are the central themes of this masterpiece of contemporary drama, a devastating reflection on human beings which, like any good classic, is as relevant today as when it was written in the middle of the last century.

The team

Director: Rubén Szuchmacher.
Cast: Imanol Arias, Cristina de Inza, Jon Arias, Carlos Serrano- Clark, Jorge Basanta, Fran Calvo, Virginia Flores.
Version/Adaptation: Natalio Grueso.
Costume and stage design: Jorge Hugo Ferrari.
Lighting design: Felipe Ramos.
A production of José Velasco and Okapi Producciones.


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